МТZ 892/920.2 Pack v1.0.0.0 LS22

МТZ 892/920.2 Pack v1.0.0.0 LS22

When buying a tractor in the game, you can choose different equipment and versions of the tractor. There are only 6 versions of the tractor, each of which has its own features.

Available modifications:
Three tractors with a turbine mtz 892 and mtz 892.2
Three tractors without turbine mtz 892, mtz 892.2, mtz 920.2.

Depending on the modification, each tractor has its own special sound and characteristics as weight and related to the physics of the tractor. Also depending on the choice of modification with or without a turbine, the model of the tractor engine changes.

Interactive control:
Removal of hood, hood sidewall, front fender wheels
Animation of windows, doors
Animation of starting and stopping the tractor
Animation of lowering lowering raising the steering column
Animation of PTO switching on
Animation of lowering the rear linkage
Animation of equipment unfolding
Turn signals and emergency lights
Cruise control.
Lighting in the cabin

Main features:
Manual transmission: 9 forward, 4 reverse.

Choice of instrument panel and steering wheel.
Choice of tractor color, rims, loader, cab roof.
Choice of wheels narrow and wide.
You can install glass stickers and tinting.
Installation of front counterweight and rear counterweight .
Installation of 3 types of front loaders* and shovel mount.
(*to work with front loaders you need to switch to the equipment with the G key to control it).

Ability to select lighting equipment and mirrors.
Manual mouse adjustment of all mirrors (both exterior and in the cab)
Manual removal of the hood, hood sidewall, front wing using IC.
GPS screen
Selection of monocyclones.

MTZ 892
Weight 4.2 tons.
Power 88.2 hp.
Speed up to 36 km/h.
Diesel tank 130 liters

MTZ 892 with a turbine
Weight 4.2 tons.
Power 88.2 hp.
Speed up to 36 km/h.
Choice of exhaust pipe for MTZ 892 with turbine.
New turbine sound.
Diesel tank 130 liters

MTZ 892.2
Weight 4.3 tons.
Power 90 hp.
Speed up to 36 km/h.
Diesel tank 130 liters

MTZ 892.2 with a turbine
Weight 4.3 tons.
Power 90 hp.
Speed up to 36 km/h.
Diesel tank 130 liters
The new sound of the turbine.
Diesel tank 130 liters

MTZ 920.2
Weight 4.2 tons.
Power 81 hp.
Speed up to 35 km/h.
Diesel tank 130 liters

The mod pack includes a shovel, a bucket, 2 types of loaders and additional equipment for them.

For the mod to work correctly, you need to download the following modifications:
– Interactive Control
– Grease Addon
– Extra Gears

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