125cm string bales v1.1.0.0 LS22

125cm string bales v1.1.0.0 LS22

Textures to turn 125cm bales from being wrapped in net to being wrapped in string

– Added specular textures for extra detail when light is reflecting.

If you want it for all maps you got to where your FS22 game files are at, (usually this is C:/Program Files (x86)/Farming Simulator 2022/data/objects/Roundbales). (This is the most simple way to do it.)

If you want it for only a specific map its a bit more complicated. You need to find a bale folder in the map files. for example (Szpakowo mod map -> FS22_Szpakowo/maps/bales) if there isn’t one yet you need to create one. In it there should be an XML file to determine wich texture it uses. You need to change the path to the image file.

<fillType name=”grass_windrow” capacity=”3500″ mass=”620″ forceAcceleration=”7″ supportsWrapping=”true”>
<diffuse filename=”maps/bales/roundbaleGrass125_diffuse.dds”/>
<normal filename=”maps/bales/roundbale125_normal.dds”/>
<specular filename=”$data/objects/roundbales/roundbale125/roundbale125_specular.dds”/>
<alpha filename=”maps/bales/roundbale125_alpha.dds”/>
<fermenting outputFillType=”silage” requiresWrapping=”true” time=”1″/>


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