Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.1.2.0 LS22

Departement Haut Beyleron 4x Map v1.1.2.0 LS22

If you like the original Haut Beyleron but it’s too small for you, then the Haut Beyleron department (district) might be the right thing for you. Great for multiplayer.

Version 1.1.2
– Chipboard pallet repaired
– Palette of insulation panels repaired
– Missing spawner added in honey production
– Removed unnecessary entries at the butcher
– Moved in the BGA N/O lamp
– Missing rapeseed straw added for horses
– Orders for energy corn removed
– More Tree is now included in the map and therefore no longer needs to be loaded as an extra mod
– Script for the butcher updated
– Some productions adjusted in the production rates

From version 1.1.1 to version 1.1.2:
– New savegame required: No!
– Changes to the savegame: No!

The Platinum Expansion DLC is required for this map version!
Now with the rollercoaster of the Silverrun Forest map
With the Haut Beyleron department (district) you get a 4-fold map that has its origins in the Haut Beyleron, so it’s not just a conversion of the map but an extension of the original Giants FR map.
The map has been expanded in the style of the original map and now simply offers more areas for agriculture etc. to make it more interesting for multiplayer. My recommendation is therefore clear, the map is less designed for single players without CP and AD and more for multiplayer or single players who have fun playing with CP and AD.
The map now has 99 fields (the largest is 50 ha), a Lohner main farm and 4 standard farms in the corners, as well as 4 BGAs. There are also productions on the map that are visually larger, but also produce more (and cost more). There is a large cow and sheep pasture for those of you who like to raise livestock. The upper fields on the left are for grapes and the upper right for olives (but this is not necessary). Since the map is still in beta status, my clear recommendation is not to build anything else on it yet, because productions will be added and existing ones will be expanded to include more products. I have installed a 4x fermenter/grass dryer at the hardware store, so 4 different players or farms can buy and use them here. Products cannot be sold in the productions, there are corresponding triggers for this, most of which are already visually identified. There should also be no orders that require stuff to be carted into productions.
On the main farm there is a straw and feed store that naturally accepts bales, but they have to be put on the conveyor belt (so don’t be surprised, it has to be that way). Since there is enough to do on the map, there is no multi-fruit. If you want more fruit, you have to plant it yourself. But here’s a tip: don’t do that until the final is out!

To be able to drive milk powder, you need the trailer: Departement Haut Beyleron Trailer
At this point, it should be said that a lot of little things are still missing, such as decorations, guide posts and lighting in and on the productions. So there will be at least weekly updates until the final. If something needs to be changed in the save game, there are of course instructions for doing so.

Another small note: if you want to make wood, you should have the MoreTree mod, as the tree limit on the map has been reached and you cannot plant trees without the mod.

Autodrive courses can be found here

We have of course tested the map, but errors can certainly creep in here and there.
I hope you have fun, if you don’t want it, don’t download it and if you find any errors please report them and don’t complain!
The first map theft map has appeared, of course I won’t provide any support for it!


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