Fendt 380 GTA Pack with various attachment tools v1.0.0.0 LS22

Fendt 380 GTA Pack with various attachment tools v1.0.0.0 LS22

F 380 GTA Pack with various attachment tools
Fendt 380 GTA Pack by RepiGaming
Here it is now, in its solo appearance, the Fendt 380 GTA. In addition to the F 380 GTA, this pack contains its popular attachments with various extensions and improvements.
ATTENTION: The latest patch must be installed!

Changes for the pack:
– modDesc raised for patch
– Models and textures have been revised
– Functionality of the flatbed improved
– Compatibility with F255GT attachments (cutter bar, front loader attachments)
– Compatibility with Hof Bergmann was tested
– The pack can also be used on other maps. However, I do not guarantee full functionality
– The pack has the same “shop category” as the big “Fendtpack”. So you don’t have to reinstall certain mods (HeadlandManagement, tireSound).
Edit to be able to use these functions.

Known problems that cannot be solved:
– In the F1 menu of the cot stands for key “N”: Open/close cover (Unfortunately this cannot be changed, since it is anchored in the game what is displayed)
– Furthermore, the same applies here, only playable without “REA CoG” … If this is in the folder, please remove it for problem-free gameplay

Thanks go to:
– Ifko[nator] for his scripts
– FarmerAndy for using some components from the F255GT
– LSFM team for testing the pack and suggesting improvements

GTA model LS11: SFM modding (steyr1, Face, MadMax)
GTA Pack LS22: RepiGaming
Cultivation tools for GTA: SFM modding, RepiGaming

Included in the pack:
– F 380 GTA Turbo
– Tire configs
– RUL config
– GPS config
– Isaria config (crop sensor)
– IFKOS system
– simpleIC (optional)

– F 380 GTA front tank for spray
– Volume: 800 liters

– F 380 GTA front tank for food liquids (milk, water)
– Volume: 800 liters

– F 380 GTA flatbed
– Swap body module, can be used as a platform for transporting objects or as a trough for transporting bulk goods
– Volume: 2500 liters
– Functions: “N” key: Raise/lower platform
“X” key: object mode on/off
right + left mouse button pressed: open/close front flap

– F 380 GTA front loader
– Attachment tools can be used as standard or from the F255GT Pack by FarmerAndy


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