John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0.0.1 LS22

John Deere 8000/8010 Series v1.0.0.1 LS22

The New Thoroughbreds of Power

Adjusted square beacon so there is no longer duplicate glass

As the 20th century came to a close, John Deere was trying to develop their newest top-end row crop tractor. The Soundgard tractors had been the face of John Deere’s progress for the past two decades, but it was time to once again take a step up. Born from a paper napkin during an airplane flight, the brand-new 8000 series was a massive leap forward for John Deere. Debuting in 1995, the 8000 series was an impressive successor to the 60 series Soundgards. Four models covered a range from 179 to 252 horsepower. The 4560 was succeeded by the 8100, the 4760 by the 8200, the 4960 by the 8300, and the top-end model, the 8400, would become the new largest row crop tractor, boasting 202hp at the drawbar and 252hp at the shaft. New features that set the 8000 series apart from its predecessors were the tightest row crop tractor turning radius in the industry, a 16 speed powershift transmission, a redesigned cab, and an 8.1L engine, available on the 1995-97 8400, which would later become standard in all 8000 models. In 1998, the 8000 tractors would get some updates, including new decals and transmission updates for smoother shifting. Then, in 1999, John Deere introduced the 8010 series. While similar in many ways to the 8000s, the 8010 series featured fancy new decals, another transmission overhaul for smoother and more rugged shifting, cabin updates, and engine updates. The 8010s all used the 8.1L engine first available in the earliest 8400. The 8000 series tractors were a strong transition into a new century for John Deere.

This is the John Deere 8000/8010 series tractors which have seen so much work done to them over various games that it’s almost impossible to track where they’ve been. The basis of this mod was an edit made by Dince Modding in FS19. However, this is not a simple conversion. All of the European components have been removed, and it is a fully North American tractor. Lots of parts were UDIMed and given new decals, and it even has real sounds taken from a John Deere 8410. The 8010 series tractors are by far my favorite tractors ever, and this project has a lot of knowledge and passion poured in as a result. I hope you enjoy!

Drivetrain Options
2WD (all models): $72,000
MFWD (all models excluding 8400 and 8410): $84,000

Engine Models
– 8100 (1995-96): 179hp
– 8100 (1997-99): 182hp
– 8110 (1999-02): 187hp
– 8200 (1995-96): 202hp
– 8200 (1997-99): 206hp
– 8210 (1999-02): 211hp
– 8300 (1995-96): 225hp
– 8300 (1997-99): 230hp
– 8310 (1999-02): 235hp
– 8400 (1995-96): 252hp
– 8400 (1997-99): 265hp
– 8410 (1999-02): 270hp

– 16F/4R full powershift

Wheel Configurations
RC Tires: Firestone, Michelin, Continental
Wide Tires: Michelin, Continental
Turf Tires: Nokian
In brand image, LC stands for Low Compaction, and WD stands for Wide

Design Configurations (all options can be removed)
– Fenders: 2WD has MD Products and Hiniker in the front, MFWD has front fenders based on wheel size, both have rear fender extensions
– GPS System: Starfire Prep, Greenstar Brown Box, Greenstar 3, Trimble EZ-Guide 250
– Interior Details: CB Radio, and/or Passenger Seat
– Exterior Details: Mirrors and/or 5th SCV remote
– Flashers: Old, New
– Weights: Rockbox, Weight Bracket, 900, 1500, 2100 lbs in old or new style weights
– Optional crop sensors on cab and mirrors (requires Precision Farming)
– Trailer Hitch: Safety Bar, Safety Bar + Hammerstrap
– Rear Hitch: 2-pt, 2-pt with Toplink, Old 3-point Hitch, New 3-point Hitch
– Exhaust Pipe Color: Black or Chrome
– Front Loader Bracket: Quicke, John Deere (fits to Custom Modding’s H480)

Simple IC Animations
– Door
– Rear Window
– Steps
– Cab light
– Seat compartment
– Seat rotation
– Flashers
– Mirrors

Always support the modder’s original link; if you did not download this from the official Skywalker Farms page, this mod has been stolen and reuploaded elsewhere without consent.

- Jukka, dj0000ro: Part of the original model
- Dince Modding: Model work and adjustment
- Cunningham Modding: Assorted model parts
- Custom Modding: Wheels, Firestone tires, rockbox
- Ross W. Modding: Flashers, CB radio, 2WD fenders, old weights
- 46Mods: 2WD axle, front dual spacers, wheels
- Siid Modding: Greenstar monitors
- Skywalker Farms: Model adjustments, UDIM to many parts

- 46Mods: Model number decals
- Skywalker Farms: Revamped dashboards screens

FS22 Conversion/GE editing
- Skywalker Farms: Conversion, mod cleanup and overhaul, tons of editing, custom sound loop

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