Kubota Pack Passenger Extension v1.1.0.0 LS22

Kubota Pack Passenger Extension v1.1.0.0 LS22

This extension will add passenger support to 106 base game, bonus content, mod, and DLC vehicles that do not currently include support in their vehicle xml.

Tractors that have a seat with the appropriate space will now include a minimum of one seat. Most harvesters and larger machinery can carry multiple passengers when an appropriate space is available.

When activated in a single-player game, it is now possible to move to a passenger seat, allowing you to travel with AI when required for a more immersive experience or during role-play.

Official Kubota Pack DLC

Default Vehicle Support:
– Base Game: 81 vehicles including but not limited to tractors, harvesters and sprayers.
– Bonus Content: 3 vehicles (Porsche Junior 108, Zetor Z-25K and Fendt 900 Vario Black Beauty)
– Antonio Carraro Pack: 1 vehicle (Tigrecar 3200)
– Claas SaddleTrac Pack: 1 vehicle (Xerion 4200)
– Kubota Pack: 3 vehicles (M6 Series, M7 Series and M8 Series)
– Vermeer Pack: 1 vehicle (Vermeer ZR5-1200)
– Ero Pack: 1 vehicle (Ero Grapeliner Series 7000)

Mod Vehicle Support:
– BigBud 450 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_bigBud450)
– BigBud 747 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_bigBud747)
– Claas TUCANO 580 [V1.0.0.1] – GIANTS Software (FS22_claasTucano580)
– CLAAS DOMINATOR 108 SL MAXI [V1.0.0.1] – GIANTS Software (FS22_claasDominator108SL)
– John Deere S790 [V1.0.0.1] – GIANTS Software (FS22_johnDeereS790)
– FarmCon22 – John Deere 5M Series [V1.0.0.1] – GIANTS Software (FS22_johnDeereSeries5M)
– FarmCon22 – John Deere 710 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_johnDeereSeries710)
– Krone BigX 580 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_kroneBiGX580)
– Lindner Unitrac Pack [V1.0.0.1] – GIANTS Software (FS22_lindnerUnitrac122LDrive)
– New Holland TX 32 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_newHollandTX32)
– Rigitrac SKH 75 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_rigitracSKH75)
– Rigitrac SKH 150 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_rigitracSKH150)
– Stara Imperador 3.0 [V1.0.0.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_staraImperador3)
– Holmer Terra Dos T4-40 [V1.0.1.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_terraDosT4_40)
– Holmer Terra Felis 3 Evo [V1.0.1.0] – GIANTS Software (FS22_terraFelis3Evo)

– Added passenger support to Valtra Q series and Valtra T series tractors. Passengers cannot enter these vehicles when the vehicle is being operated in the reverse driving position.
– Added passenger support to the Vermeer ZR5-1200 baler.
– Added passenger support to the Ero Grapeliner Series 7000.
– New AI Passenger feature added (Single Player Only).
– New settings added to ‘Game Settings’ screen to allow AI Passenger to be adjusted.
– New AI styles XML to allow AI Passenger styles to be added or removed. **

XML file will be created on first load at: FarmingSimulator2022/modSettings/FS22_PassengerExtension


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