Landkreis Leema Map v2.0.0.0 LS22

Landkreis Leema Map v2.0.0.0 LS22

Welcome to Leema County

Version 2
I definitely recommend a new savegame, as I’ve changed some of the terrain.
Important: Read the description, there you will find all the important information.
I tried to build multi-fruits, unfortunately I did not succeed so far without errors, so the standard fruits are still installed.
One field had to be removed because it caused errors, there are now 102 fields and meadows.
Trees were floating in the air and the ground had to be adjusted.
More decoration has been added.
I have installed 30 different events, from a fire to accidents to a derby track, these can be activated and deactivated, next to the activation button there are hints and small stories about the event.
Added the flour mill as a production.
Speed cameras are installed in the towns, but above 51 km/h it gets expensive.
Another connecting bridge behind the garden center leads to the Mittelberg on the map.
In winter the lakes freeze over, animals disappear and boats are no longer docked.
I’ve built original animal stables as decoration, no need to buy tirers or feed them, but the more animals script.

Many years ago, a huge storm swept through Leema County. Entire towns were destroyed, including farms.
All farmers have given up and left their fields to themselves. These are overgrown and need to be rebuilt.
Are you alone here or are you rebuilding the supply with others?
This map is fictitious, there are no real locations and the terrain is adopted.
(Who recognizes which LS standard card it comes from?)
We (my game community and I) built this map for our games, so there are 11 differently equipped court areas.
On one it is very possible to play with Terra Farm. A furnished Lohnerhof is also included and there are two courtyards for vintage vehicles.

All farms are divided into several farm lands, so it is easier to start because you do NOT own any land at the beginning.
There are a total of 102 fields and meadows available, I recommend working with small to medium-sized machines, because most fields are between 0.5 and 4 hectares.

Only field 41 with 0.112 ha and field 18 with 6.76 ha are extremely unusual.
There are 4 towns in Leema County, in which are located the trader, the pet trader, Points of sale and productions (each production is placed once and is basically the standard production, I only changed it visually).
Selling and storing, there is a railway warehouse where you can store goods if you don’t have your own warehouse yet, but it can only be filled and emptied with a trailer, since no self-propelled train is installed.
Everything can be sold at at least one point of sale and also bought at the garden center, what you need for the cultivation of the fields.

Only salt has a value/price of 0 euros.
At the start of every start, no matter the difficulty, you have no land. Your starting fleet is at the dealer, where you spawn.
Individual AI traffic is installed on the map, both on the road and on the water and in the air.
Animals can be found in pastures and under the water and there is a cozy jetty and a forest fire watch in the forest.
There are 20 games hidden in the courtyards and outside, each bringing you an additional 50,000 euros.
In the log there is the following entry 7 times, this comes from several objects, but does not hinder the game, since this map is not released for the consoles.

Warning: Shape from ‘map.i3d.shapes’ too big (9417 KB). Maximum supported size on Consoles is 8192 KB
Have fun exploring the map.
I would like to thank EVERYONE who deals with the subject of modding/mapping, because without us it wouldn’t be the same game.
If you find yourself in objects or the like and are not mentioned in the credits, but want this, please let me know, I’ll add it. Thanks
Greetings papa heart.

Papaherz, Maulwurf63, Giants, ferbman98, Moddingteam WI, Charly_999, Ingo210578, Melvyn_Agripassion, Freak36558, XaresHolzWelten, OKUSEDMODS, Hewaaa, gForce_modding, OxygenDavid, BulletBill, LoneWolf, Kai7713, HajstelMods, Querty, My GameSteam, OmaTana. Du bist auf der Karte vertreten, fehlst aber in den Credits? Schreibe mir bitte und ich trage dich sehr gerne nach.

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