Lizard Calf Huts v1.1.0.0 LS22

Lizard Calf Huts v1.1.0.0 LS22

Shelters for calves, group or single with small enclosure.

– Added non-functional decorative calf hut variants.

These shelters are obviously intended and make sense only for calves as the mod name suggests:

Calves require a lot of special and daily care. Calf huts are ideal solution for outdoor rearing of calves, easy to work with, easy to clean and they keep them warm during the winter.
Here they can grow up and then must be moved to other cow barn.

Available solutions:
Calf Hut – single
– Price: 500 $
– Daily upkeep: 5 $
– Small hut for 1 single calf.
– Food capacity: 320 l
– Straw capacity: 360 l
– Water capacity: 80 l
– Manure capacity: 600 l (not displayed on info window)
– Food, water and straw inputs all positined in front of the hut so you can place multiple ones side by side.

Calf Hut – group
– Price: 1,500 $
– Daily upkeep: 15 $
– Bigger hut, space for up to 5 calves.
– Food capacity: 1,600 l
– Straw capacity: 1,800 l
– Water capacity: 400 l
– Manure capacity: 3,000 l (not displayed on info window)
– Options for food and water troughs and straw input placed either on the left side or the right side.

These calf huts work just like any other cow husbandry.
Animals can be provided with food, water and straw any way you like to – using trailer, bale, pallet, shovel, straw blower… All input triggers are clearly marked.

For better gameplay experience it is recommended to use small tools such as wheelbarrow or small vehicles such as skid steer loader.
To clean the calf enclosure from manure, you have to first move the fence out of the way and position your shovel (or even trailer) Inside of the fence area and hit hit R – start loading (default keybinding – see your controls menu).
Cows in this enclosure does not produce milk and liquid manure, only manure and they require a lot of manual daily care!

Recommendations / requirements:
This mod is designed and make sense only with the “Enhanced Animal System” mod (by Chissel) Or any map that alrady features calves in it.
Mod “More Animal Enclosures Possible (64)” (by modelleicher / Farming Agency) is recommended to use with this mod, so you are able to build multiple calf huts.

In addition, this pack includes also non-functional decorative variants of each calf hut option to decorate you farm if calf tending is not your thing and instead you may like to use them as decoration.


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