SaddleTrac 4200 and 3800 SaatPack v2.0.0.0 LS22

SaddleTrac 4200 and 3800 SaatPack v2.0.0.0 LS22

SaddleTrac tanks for fertilizer and seed combined with the Hatzenbichler Terminator TH18 seed drill and optionally others!

Big SeedDrum tank can also be used with SaddleTrac 3800!! .. also with my Xerion tractors!!
Paint defect on top left tank fixed
Attacher for Saddle Trac 3800, SaddleTrac DLC Xerion 4200, Xerion 5000 and Xerion 12.650 (5000/12.650 can only be used with tractors from WobbyTec with KAWECO Attacher!)
Xerion 12.590/12.650 with KAWECO Attacher (Download)
Xerion 5000 with KAWECO Attacher (Download)
new LED taillights

SaddleTrac 4200 seed pack!! — Video available here —
Tanks for the SaddleTrac 4200 and the SaddleTrac 3800 (only the BigSeed tank!) “N” opens the lid to fill the tank!
Shuttle tank for “on top” (only for the SaddleTrac DLC Xerion 4200!)
30m3 capacity for seed, €70,000
15m3 capacity for mineral fertilizer or liquid fertilizer
the tank can also be used with twin tires on the SaddleTrac
SeetDrum Big Tank with connection hoses on the Hatzenbichler seeding machine
(suitable for the SaddleTrac 3800, SaddleTrac DLC 4200 and! also for my two Xerion 5000 and Xerion 12.650 with! KAWECO Attacher!!)
40m3 capacity for seed, €70,000
20m3 capacity for mineral fertilizer or liquid fertilizer
Hatzenbichler seeding machine Terminator TH18, €213,000
Sowing width: 18m, seed and Fertilizer application
the possible seeds can be selected according to those available on the map
with optional “roller” function from shop selection, +3,500 €

The tanks are also compatible with the following sowing machines from the game! and complement the existing seed tank of the machines:
AMAZONE Citan15001C
Väderstad RapidA800S
Poettinger TerrasemC6F
KUHN Espro6000RC

Single grain machines:
Väderstad TempoL16 from the game!
JohnDeere Planter1775NT from the game!
can be used as a MOD!! concentrated single grain power with the John Deere DB120 on a 36.5m seed width!!!!
Simply download the John Deere DB120 from the ModHub here and put it in the MOD folder, works with the SaddleTank + volume of the JohnDeere tanks

ATTENTION: the sowing machine wants liquid fertilizer instead of mineral fertilizer in the tank 😉
Also recommend the MOD to adjust the working speed here from the ModHub, in order to handle the extreme machine well even uphill.
In the test, 25 km/h was possible on almost flat surfaces


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