Südharz Map v1.0.0.0 LS22

Südharz Map v1.0.0.0 LS22

Many will already know the Südharz Map from LS19,17,15. Now the time has finally come and you can also get it for LS22. I wish you a lot of fun playing my map. If you like it, please pass it on. 😉
I invested a lot of time again to make the Map LS22 ready and at the same time to develop it further and improve it in many places.
The snow roofs in particular were very timeconsuming, but other objects are now also being snowed in.
In addition, the AI car network has been improved, the cars can now drive into all villages and decide for themselves where to go
and obey the speed limit. 😉
You can also see pedestrians walking around in the villages.
Everything else see below.

Here you can watch a video, it is an overflight video showing the most important points:

(The stuttering of the video is due to my computer, game + recording + faster movement, is probably a bit too much. I play at 60 FPS.)
I would be very happy to see beautiful map presentation videos from you again.
Many thanks so far!

4fold map
Map is based on real landscape in the southern Harz (no fantasy map)
20000 fellable trees
92 fields (total 255 buyable areas)
6 villages
Pedestrians in places
Autodrive courses already integrated
AI cars are now free to choose where to go, to any location and obey the speed limit
Snow roofs
more ground angle
collectibles old coins (partly difficult to find)
moving fish/ducks/planes/migratory birds/…
Church tower bells always ring on the hour (number of bells to match the time)
additional sounds
Ball camp northeast of Herrmannsacker
Seeds and fertilizer can still be replenished from the upper courtyard
Sawmill produces log boards, which are needed for pallet production
Bakery can also produce rolls
Productions values rebalanced
Harvest quantities and prices adjusted
there are 2 outlets
Productions: greenhouses, dairy, grape processing, sawmill 2x, pallet manufacturing, mill, bakery, BGA
and much much more…

A notice:
There is no sugar factory > added sugar palette, can be bought in the shop
At the start you can press “no” when asked about autodrive courses, since courses have already been run in.

Map created by: Sheldon new objects used in LS22: Ballenlager: Kassa Farms Modern Decorative House: GoldFox Modern Polish House: Pawelk20 Modern Farm Pack v1.0: LeoLeo woda_100x100m: PREZES929 Lamps: TracMax still from version LS19: Horse Hall: Ready seven_bar_gate_four_meter: Dorset Underground silos: RB modding silos: Desperados93 Barn Placeable: ***ADOLF*** Hedges: Lancyboi and ShyWizard Small shelter: Steffen30muc Forest barrier banner: MR_Unterfranken Heating plant: stefan1997 wire fence: RWModding pig shelter: Foo Farmer wooden fence: Azorees Pgr_Ruine LS2017: Arii Wooden fence: Entalein still from version LS17: House by DBL: DBL Ackerschacht: XaaD power distribution box: BlackSheep (RC-Devil) new houses: goldfox GALVANISED WATER TROUGH: The Mod Co. (Chocolatecake2001) barrier set: Desperados93 tree supports and sweeping protection: Crouwler flying eagle: BulldozerXL Sawmill: kevink98 Dairy: LS-Player94 Svapa Agro Production (pallet factory): Zews fruit trees/warehouse ( revised by me): Rosenthaler_ROS Hochsilo (Petersdorf): t0xic0m Pummelboer

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