Talbach 2K23 Map v2.1.0.0 LS22

Talbach 2K23 Map v2.1.0.0 LS22

Changes to the XMLs (placeables & vehicles)
Optical changes/adjustments to textures of various buildings
Additional new voice overlays added by Ela_189 & Der_Nerdling. Use of the sounds on other maps “ONLY” with the consent of the creator
PDA map & customPDA map completely recreated
PDA name of the juice factories adjusted (orange juice factory, apple juice factory)
PDA name of BayWa adjusted (BayWa (city), BayWa (village)). Should also fit with the orders
All animal farms must now be purchased (sheep pasture, pig farm, horse farm, sheep farm)
All traffic signs replaced
Fixed: Optical pallets at the greengrocer (FarmersMarket). Appeared at the wrong times
Fixed: fillPlane of the carrots. These were displayed as wheat
Fixed: Missing l10n entries

Performance Map:
– The Test Runner tool was used here to adjust the map a little more
– A lot of textures were saved in DXT or DXT + MipMap
– Unusable and unused textures removed
– Buildings: Textures adjusted/renewed, Colli adjusted/renewed, Occluder adjusted/renewed
– Further changes regarding. Performance in progress
– ZIP size reduced from over 2.1 GB to 1.8 GB

Orange/apple juice factory:
– Both productions have been completely rebuilt
– In this regard, there is a completely new hall for both productions

– From now on, the doors of the large garage must be opened/closed from the inside (trigger on the respective switch)
– The gate to the street side can also be opened from the outside (trigger to the left of the gate outside, in the hall at the switch)
– Optical extensions to the yard (e.g. shelter for the bale stands)
– New silo models at FixFerm & pellet production

Alfalfa pellets:
– The addition of water & molasses has been removed here

Bakery/butcher’s shop:
– All sales rooms can now be entered
– The bakery’s production (city) is now in the bakery
– The butcher’s production (sandwich, city) is now in the storeroom of the house
– The bakery’s sales point (village) is now in the sales room
– Pay attention to the opening times. If it’s closed, then it’s closed

Garden (city, village)
– The residents have got a bargain and put up a garden shed for you. You can now store your small items in there that you need for the garden

NEW on the map:
– BigBag filling system added for packing wood chips in big bags

Talbach beekeeper:
– There are 2 purchase points on the map for producing honey
– To get the honeycombs from the hive, you have to buy empty boxes from the dealer. These can be filled at the hives
– The honey extractor is located in the shed to extract honey from it
– From now on, organic waste must be filled into the BioFermenter in order to get compost. Accordingly, the organic waste silos were removed (orange factory, fish feed factory)
– Organic waste was also removed from the silo (sheep pasture behind the hall)
Talbacher oil mill:
– Opposite the BioFermenter is the new Talbacher oil mill. All oil crops are processed there
– ManureSystem ready
– Required for cooking oil: rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans
– Required for frying oil: rapeseed, sunflowers, soybeans & methane
– The cooking oil produced can be sold at various sales outlets
– The frying oil produced can “NOT” be sold in this way. This is required when making French fries

Talbacher IndustrialFood Fries:
– Here you can have your potatoes processed into French fries
– ManureSystem ready
– This requires: potatoes, water, frying oil & methane
– Output: French fry pallets, waste water & organic waste
– The French fry pallets can be sold at various sales points

Talbacher IndustrialFood Ketchup:
– Here you can have your tomatoes & onions processed into ketchup
– ManureSystem ready
– This requires: tomatoes, onions, beet pulp, water
– Output: ketchup pallets, waste water & organic waste
– The ketchup pallets can be sold at various sales points

Warehouse near the oil mill:
– The pallets can be stored/removed from storage at the warehouse. The GIANTS ObjectStorage was installed for this purpose
– Assumption: French fries pallets, ketchup pallets & cooking oil pallets
– ATTENTION: It is recommended that you “DO NOT” fill the warehouse to capacity. The more pallets are stored, the more the performance (FPS) drops

Second farm (village):
– Cats have now been added to the farm

Pig farm:
– Unfortunately, the old farm had to be demolished because of the health department
– At the same time, a new pig farm was built near the French fries factory
– A new pig sty building was built for this purpose. Thanks to Bernie SCS for his approval
– You can only store the fruit needed to feed the pigs in the FarmSilo
– There is space to place mobile silos and M+ silos
– Field 13 has been expanded accordingly on the empty space

Small addition:
– In the shop under “Talbach Tools”, you will find a little extra to view the map from the air
– Charging stations can be found:
– In the cowshed near the calves
– Lohnerhof in the first hall opposite the farmhouse
– On the second farm near the farmhouse
– The device must be placed on the charging station with “Strong Farmer”. Then get in briefly, press the “R” key and get out again


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