TLX 1982 Special v2.1.0.0 LS22

TLX 1982 Special v2.1.0.0 LS22

TLX 1982’s Special

Changelog v2.1.0.0:
– Pickup bed license plate
– Fuel unload with AL active
– AL Trigger when suspension raised
– Added connections to the incoming TLX Hauling Pack

Lizard Motors has been around for a long time and with the Pickup 1982 Special they present a Tribute to the marvelous 80’s. Enjoy the glory of a golden era where the trucks were heavy, tough, and powerful!

You will be able to choose between a fully restored machine or a “patina” inspired looking at a reduced price!

The TLX 1982 contains a lot of customizations such as:
Versions included:
– Regular truck
– Open Chassis: Compatible with its own beds (included) or with the more modern TLX 3500 XL Beds!
– Limited: Predefined edition available only for a limited time!
– Vintage: Predefined edition resembling the old days of colors, options…

If you don’t want to go with a preset, just select the standard and choose among the following options to make it to your desire:
– Package: 5 options starting with no trims up to the limited trimming
– Side wood panels: activate or no the side wood classic panels
– Bonnet: classic flat or with the hood scoop
– Bumpers: 5 different combinations! (Custom bumper required for winch; winch requires Platinum DLC)
– Cabin Extras: Bullhorn, sidesteps or both!
– Visor: Keep it clean or choose between a custom visor or a 3 set of cab lights
– Color presets: If you don’t want to choose among the colors available, these presets will do the work for you! (Color selection for parts will not be reflected when presets active)
– Metals: Select the finishing metal type for the metal accents on your classic
– Interior colors: Variety of options to customize the interior color palette
– Mirrors: Stock, Wide
– Daylights: Activate or deactivate the front lights daylights
– Extra Lights: Choose between emergency beacons, spotlights, and different combinations!
– Pickup Bed Extras: Keep it clean or add a rollbar, even a topper! (top door openable with Open Cover)
– Exhausts: 4 options available
– Attachers: Gooseneck, rear hitch, and front plow mount (TLX2020 Plow) (All hidden when not in use)
– Wheels: Huge selection of tires/rims 50+ options including regular tires, offroad, mud and duals!
– Engines: 4.3L (480hp) or 5.7L with 795hp

TLX 1982 Special base price: 31982 $
TLX 1982 Patina base price: 19820 $

Attachments (beds) included:
Old Flatbed: It is just that, an old flatbed with the following options:
– Panels design: select between metal, diamond plate and even an old an beaten metal plate!
– Extra lights: activate or deactivate the additional spotlights
– Colors: all of them
– Tension belts
– Gooseneck attacher
Base Price: 3982 $

Classic Stakebed: A stakebed with a lot of options! Configure it as a regular flatbed or choose among the following:
– Style: 7 variations including a forage transport function, a tanker and a Livestock transport supporting all animals! (Yes, chickens and horses too!)
– Gates openable (when no special variations selected)
Base Price: 8200 $

Service Bed: Basically, a role-play based attachment that allows you to transport also fuel to refill your equipment. Included also:
– Decoration: Activate or deactivate the extra decoration on the bed
– Rack: Activate or deactivate the ladder rack
– Liveries: Do you have a favorite brand? Here you choose it! 6 options available!
Base Price: 9820 $

– Included beds can be also mounted on the TLX3500 Single Cab
– XL Beds from the TLX3500 can be mounted on the TLX1982
– Snowplow from the TLX2020 can be attached to the front

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
– Color selectable patina version
– Non-working collisions on stakebed when opening the gates

Changelog v1.2.0.0:
– 3 Configuations on the base truck; Sheriff, Sheriff open Frame and Firefighter Open Frame
– Firefighter XL Attachment (serves as water transport; pumps must be activated before unloading)

Changelog v2.0.0.0:
Major overhaul on the mod, i3d’s and XML’s. It’s recommended to sell the trucks you have before updating.

All Trucks:
– Engine options now trigger 3 different sounds; DIESEL, GAS and OLD GAS
– AUTOLOAD for Pallets available in the store to select when using pickup beds or the stakebed:
– Added support for additional pallets with products from the following productions, among others:
Basegame Products (Incl. Mineral Feed, Wool…)
Modname: Grain Mill Plus ZipName:
Modname: Planty Production ZipName:
Modname: Packing Facility ZipName:
Modname: Production For Empty Pallets And Barrels ZipName:
Modname: Production For Paper And Cardboard ZipName:
Modname: Donut Production ZipName:
Modname: Grain Mill Extended ZipName:
Modname: Donuts Factory ZipName:
Modname: Donuts Factory ZipName:
Modname: Maple Syrup Production ZipName:
Modname: Farm Production Pack ZipName:

TLX 1982 Single Cab:
– Short/Long Pickup bed configs. (animal rescue bed not available for the short bed)
– Toolbox option for the beds
– Options to enable the stripe over the dual fenders (found inside Bed Options)
– 3 Different sounds, Diesel, Gas and Old Gas; selectable when selecting the Engine.

TLX 1982 Crew Cab:
– Short/Long Pickup bed configs. (animal rescue bed not available for the short bed)
– Toolbox option for the beds
– Options to enable the stripe over the dual fenders (found inside Bed Options)
– 3 Different sounds, Diesel, Gas and Old Gas; selectable when selecting the Engine.
– Cabin extras now include the Running Boards with markers

Changelog v2.0.0.1:
– Texture glitch with crewcab and dirt/wear


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