Vesele Map v1.3.0.0 LS22

Vesele Map v1.3.0.0 LS22

The map was created on the basis of the terrain of one of the picturesque corners of Ukraine.
-The map has 18 fields of different sizes and configurations.
-Two plots with forest that can be purchased.
-There are two lakes where you can collect water for your farm and also catch fish.
– There are collectible items.
-Nine points of sale where you can sell all standard crops, as well as additional crops present on the map – a shop in the center of the village, a mini-market, two elevators, a boiler house, two points of sale of straw and hay in the village, a point of sale of milk , point of sale of root crops, hay, straw, etc.
In addition to standard crops, you can grow buckwheat, peas, poppies, mustard, alfalfa, clover, hops, flax, carrots, onions and breed ducks and goats that give eggs and milk.

And also produce such products as: cereals (wheat, barley, corn, buckwheat, pea, oat, soybean, sorghum), flakes (wheat, barley, oat, buckwheat, pea, soybean, sorghum and flax).
On the map there are: a dairy that produces sour cream, chocolate butter, condensed milk, pasteurized milk, dry milk, skimmed milk, cottage cheese and hard cheese from goat’s milk; potato factory (produces chips, french fries, croquettes, salad, potato wedges, starch and dry puree); a grain dryer and a plant for the production of cereals, which accepts only dry and cleaned grain.
The sawmill can additionally produce chopped and uncut firewood on pallets, chipboard, and OSB boards. Joinery produces boxes, tubs, beehives and pallets.
You can also buy a compost plant in the store and save on fertilizers, as well as a meat processing plant that will allow you to get a variety of products from animal meat: chicken: leg, thigh, wing, breast, minced meat; pork: neck, brisket, lard, tenderloin, shoulder blade, ribs, front leg, back leg, bone, minced meat; beef: back leg, front leg, neck, tenderloin, minced meat; lamb: back leg, front leg, neck, tenderloin, minced meat, duck breast and minced meat, goat leg, brisket and ribs.

A shop of meat delicacies has been added, producing sausages (boiled, raw-smoked, smoked), sausages, anchovies, prosciutto, basturma, smoked ribs and brisket, meat slices.
The factory for the production of alcoholic beverages will allow you to get dark and light beer, alcohol, vodka, grape and strawberry wine, bread kvass, fodder yeast.
Some other minor changes and fixes.

Set-hi-i, dynamofan

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